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CK-300-D Rotary Sieve Machine (General Export)


  • CK-300-D

  • CK Chin Kang

CK-300-D Rotary Sieve Machine (General Export)

CK-300-D(一般出口)1 (複製)CK-300-D(多層式出口)1 (複製)CK-300-D(一般出口) (2)2 (複製)CK-300-D(一般出口) (2)1 (複製)


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CK Chin Kang Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1981. In the 70th year of the Republic of China, the company was formerly known as Jianli Hardware Engineering Co., Ltd., specializing in the manufacture of SUS-304 stainless steel engineering products.
Stainless steel engineering products.In 1987, due to the expansion of business in 1976, it was re-established as a patent enterprise company. Due to its excellent quality and rapid business growth, it started exporting from domestic sales. In 1992, on August 10, 1992, it was renamed Qingang Industrial Co., Ltd. company.
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